Our hot sauce is a 100 year old Le family recipe from Huế in central Vietnam.

The chilies are grown by families outside Huế that supplied produce to the Imperial family for 300 years. Our moral values are steered toward helping them get freedom from poverty by growing good quality produce; which we buy for a premium price. Everyone in the production chain benefits – not just the “middle-man” who trades the produce.

We use traditional techniques to preserve the sauce including drying and smoking to achieve 100% natural goodness.



What is Saigon Charlie's?
 We wouldn’t sleep at night if we selfishly kept this recipe to ourselves. We are a small company that bottles a century old, secret family recipe and traditional preserving techniques. Our 100% natural Vietnamese hot sauce is made by artisan cooks from spicy chilies grown lovingly by small scale farmers. By employing local and foreign skills we aim to make a a world class product.
Social Venture
 Our heat comes from chili-peppers produced by families that work small plots of land near a historic monastry in Hue, Central Vietnam. The don’t use pesticides, and they don’t use large farm machines. By sharing this sauce, you help in our mission to improve the lives of all the people in our supply chain, starting with the farming families. The ” special” for you is the ‘oomph’ it adds to every dish you try. After using Saigon Charlie’s, ordinary food seems boring.
 Saigon Charlie is a chipotle, triple pepper variety, chunky, natural chili sauce with a tangy sweetness and musky goodness. Forest honey, winter garlic, Phu Quoc black pepper, onions, shallots and our secret stock combine to form a complex flavour which nobody else in this world is making. Our recipe is closely guarded and only a few know the process of perfection.